Simon says don’t give up hope. Persevere and move forward

SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2016

Simon says don’t give up hope. Persevere and move forward

Simon says don’t give up hope. Persevere and move forward

I sent out numerous emails to publishing companies to see if they would read the draft of my children’s book and possibly be interested in publishing it.

Of all the emails I sent out, I only received a hand full back saying that the publishing company does not accept outside manuscripts. They only look at manuscripts from literary agents.

I was in the kitchen and said to Colleen, “I give up. No one is even interested in my book.” Colleen looked at me in surprise and said, “boy, you give up easily.”

She went on to say that actors and actresses go on auditions several times a day and get rejected all the time. She also said that I need to look at all the people out there looking for a job. They get rejected all the time.
I listened carefully and told her she was so right.

So, I dusted myself off, and reached out to an illustrator saying I was going to move forward with my book. I signed the contract and sent her a check to get the sketches started. 

And so, while I was in New York, I stopped in at Simon & Schuster. I talked to the guard, showed my drivers license and asked if I could possibly meet with someone at Simon & Schuster regarding my children’s book. He took me aside and told me to go to the library and look up literary agents. He told me the only way to get someone to look at my work is to have my literary agent submit it. I told him, “I am my literary agent.” He nicely showed me the door.
Well, I just had to try! You just never know…

So, I am going to keep on knocking on people’s doors. I am going to continue  to share my story with others. I am going to keep the faith. If all else fails, I will self publish it myself. I believe in my book. I believe in the positive message for those that read it.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again!

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