Simon Says Stand Up for the Little Guy

Simon says stand up for the little guy…


simon says stand up for the little guy


What would you do if you were given a check for 95 dollars?
Would you buy yourself something special? Would you go out for a nice dinner? How would you spend 95 dollars?

I received a royalty check from LuLu for the books I sold through their company. I launched both of my books (Smile with Simon and Simon and the Buddy Branch) at the end of June. As of today, I sold 171 books.


171 books.


In September I sold one book. In October I sold one book.


Over the past several months I sent out complimentary copies of both books to children and parents of children born with craniofacial differences. I sent out a total of 133 books. I sent books as far as the Philippines, Norway, Australia, Canada, Ireland and the UK.  Of which, I got 12 thank you messages.

When I sent inquiries to the people I sent the books to, in order to see if they received the complimentary copies, I either never heard back or some simply just said, “yes”.


It would be very easy for me to quit.


To stop promoting my books. To just call it a day. To no longer pay someone to market my books through social media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

But, I can’t. I’m going to persevere. I don’t have the luxury of working with a big name publishing company. I did this all independently and spent my own money to get these books out to people. Why? Because I saw a need. A need to spread the message that we are all different and we are all beautiful. You have to feel good about yourself.

I watch the morning shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show. Almost all of the people that are on the news show have written and promoted their books on air. They are backed by a publishing company and marketing group to get their books out there.

But what about the little guy? The person who spends their own money to hire an illustrator, an editor, and a company to format and print the books. As well as paying someone to market the books via social media.

If I sell a book on Amazon, I make 57 cents. 57 cents. I had to price the books at $14.99 just to be able to make 57 cents per copy. I struggled having to price the books at such a high cost knowing that most people who need these books just can’t afford it.

So, I will take my royalty check of $95.02 and use it to mail out more complimentary books to craniofacial clinics, support groups and libraries.

The 12 thank you messages I received made it all worthwhile.
I don’t have the backing of network TV or a huge publishing company to bring my books to the instant attention of the public.

Instead, I will continue to put one foot in front of the other. I will continue to persevere. And, I will continue to support the craniofacial differences community.


simon says stand up for the little guy


The books carry a universal message for everyone. Be accepting. Extend your hand to others. Let’s lift people up, and extend our hand to others.


simon says stand up for the little guySmile with Simon and be kind!

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