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Simon Says We Can Learn So Much from Our Fury Friends

We really can learn so much from our fury friends…


smile simon


-With the wind in your hair run until you are so tired

you stick your tongue out.

-Go out and have fun.

-Look around and take in all the different smells and sounds.

-Always be happy to see someone.

-Take naps -often.

-Before you fall fast asleep let all the air out of your lungs and exhale.

-When you wake up, stretch and say your prayers.

-If you get a chance to go in the water jump in. Jump right in. Don’t dip your toe in the water and say it’s too cold.

-Eat what’s on your plate and be happy you have food in your stomach.

-When you get a chance to pee then pee. Don’t put it off.

-If someone wants to hug you then be open to it.

-Enjoy the fresh air.

-Wipe your feet before you come inside.

-If something is bothering you then speak up. You have a voice so use it.

-Play well with others

-Things are not always handed to you. You have to be willing to explore and see what you find. Sometimes it’s not what you were looking for.

-Have fun. Good old fun.

-Doesn’t take much to be happy.

-Try not to jump on anyone and push your views on them.

-Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind.

-Be the best person you can be.

-If you did something wrong, don’t hide. Admit it.

-Accidents happen. Deal with it.

-Don’t look at life through a window. If given the chance, go outside and explore.

-Greet people with a smile instead of a snarl.

-You have to follow orders-sometimes.😊

-You never know what’s gonna fall in your lap so be ready for it.

-Lick your wounds and move forward.

-Stick your head out the window and enjoy the ride.

-Keep your ID with you because you never know when you’ll need it.

-Sometimes you just have to scratch yourself at the most inappropriate time.

-Look at people straight in the eye.

-If you are happy, jump around, show it.

-Don’t start digging around looking for trouble.

-If you have to pass gas look around and make it look like it didn’t come from you.

-Be well groomed-look good!

-Get enough sleep.

-Drink plenty of water.

-Possession is 9/10th of the law. Grab your side of the bed and don’t move.

-Everyone loves a soft, cuddly stuffed animal.

-As you get older it gets harder to get in and out of a car or chair. If someone offers you a hand, accept it.

-Go to the doctor every year and get a physical. Make sure you are up to date with all your vaccines.


-If you see a skunk, slowly walk away.

-Keep your eye on the ball.

-Give unconditional love. It’s the best gift to get and to receive.

-It never is easy to say goodbye. Never.


smile simon


smile simon


smile simon


smile simon


smile simon


Just Smile~Smile Back

Simon Says Mean People and Bullies Not Welcome

This simple yet significant message was on the admission sign as I was paying to go into a auto museum.


Simon says mean people and bullies not welcome.


smile with simon


As I walked around looking at all the beautiful classic cars, I kept thinking about the sign.

What if? What if every home, school, company, restaurant, airport, stadium, and park posted a sign saying the same thing? Mean people and bullies not welcome.

This simple yet significant message would be seen everywhere. If someone was bullying someone in a restaurant you could simply point to the sign and say please leave the premises because bullies are not welcome. How wonderful would that be! Please don’t come in if you are going to be mean and if you are going to bully someone. Out the door you go. Bye, bye.

It’s a global message. You could live in a northwest suburb of Chicago and see the signs everywhere or you could be in Florence, Italy and see the same message. It’s universal messaging.

No yard signs of politicians running for office. No signs of politicians at every stop sign saying they are the best candidate. Instead a sign that stays up year round.

Maybe that’s just what we need. Right now.

When I was growing up, there was a song on the radio. It was in the 70s. Tony Orlando and Dawn sang it. “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”.

Every tree had a yellow ribbon on it. You could drive for miles and miles and see yellow ribbons tied to trees blowing softly in the wind. It was comforting to see those ribbons.

The symbol of the yellow ribbon became widely known in the 1970s as a reminder that an absent loved one in the military would be welcomed home on their return.

The yellow ribbons appeared again in 1980 when Americans put them on trees to remember the hostages being held in Iran.


The yellow ribbon was a sign of hope, unity, and love.


Imagine spontaneous appearances all around the world showing this message. Mean people and bullies not welcome.

Maybe this is just what we need right now. Focus on sending positive messages and stand up to people that don’t treat others with respect.


smile with simon


So instead of seeing yellow ribbons, you would see -mean people and bullies not welcome.

Maybe, just maybe this is the message we need to be seeing now. Stand up, have a voice saying that being mean to people and bullying people is not accepted. Open the door and out you go and take your mean attitude with you. Maybe that person will think twice about doing that again to someone. Bullies have excluded others by being mean. Now it’s time to turn the table and exclude them. Let them know this type of behavior won’t be tolerated. United we stand.





Simon Says It’s the Little Things

Simon says Holidays are fast approaching.


It’s the Little Things…


Yesterday, I saw these fabulous, huge, cuddly stuffed animals. I bought as many as I could fit in our SUV. These will be given out at the annual UIC Craniofacial Holiday Party. Face the Future is a wonderful foundation that helps put smiles on children’s faces. We volunteer because it’s such a great group of people trying to make a difference, one smile at a time.


simon says

simon says

I was like a little kid in a candy store. I was so excited that I had the ability to buy these stuffed animals for the kids. At the checkout line a lady said, “Oh wow, do you have a lot of grandkids?”. I explained that these would be given to children at a hospital Holiday Party. It was only later that Colleen said the woman thought we had grandchildren. I guess it’s time to pull out the old Clairol hair coloring box! I was so caught up in hugging the stuffed animals that I didn’t even hear her comment. Nothing wrong with her thinking they were being bought for our grandkids but I’m in my mid 50s and thought, well, that I always looked younger than my age. 😊

My heart was so happy yesterday. Just imagining the smiles on the kids faces. The fun that they will have at the annual Holiday Party. It really felt good to do something for others.

The children of the Craniofacial Center at the University of Illinois come from very diverse socio-economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. No child is ever denied services. All receive state-of-the-art care regardless of their ability to pay.

Face the Future Foundation ends the year with a joyous celebration at the Children’s Holiday Party, which brings patients, families, and the Face the Future team together in festive show of support and community.

Over 600 patients and families attend. Face painting, cookie decorating, mural coloring and other activities fill the afternoon. The highlight is always Santa’s visit. Santa’s helpers give each child a present.


simon says holidays
simon says
simon says
simon says


It’s the little things.. Taking time out to help others. No better gift for yourself and for others..


So,  if you are able to, please consider volunteering. I guarantee you that you will get so much out of it. And, it’s just a really nice thing to do.

simon says holidaysIf you are not able to volunteer, please consider making a donation to Face the Future Foundation. You will be so happy that you did!

*Click to Our Resources Page for Their Website.

Click on Face the Future Foundation’s Holiday Party Invitation Below…


Simon Says Our Unity is in Our Differences

Our unity is in our differences…


We may not  be the same

And if we were it’d be a shame

You have a voice let go and sing

Open up just spread your wings

You’ve got to feel good about yourself

You’ve got to feel good about yourself

I am different but I am beautiful

We are different but we are beautiful

So smile with Simon  and be kind

Smile and see what you will find

So smile with Simon this is his song

His badge of courage  makes him strong

We’re still alike in many ways

Cardinals, sparrows and Blue jays

we fall sometimes but that’s okay

Pick yourself up and sieze the day



Just Smile~Smile Back

Simon Says Stand Up for the Little Guy

Simon says stand up for the little guy…


simon says stand up for the little guy


What would you do if you were given a check for 95 dollars?
Would you buy yourself something special? Would you go out for a nice dinner? How would you spend 95 dollars?

I received a royalty check from LuLu for the books I sold through their company. I launched both of my books (Smile with Simon and Simon and the Buddy Branch) at the end of June. As of today, I sold 171 books.


171 books.


In September I sold one book. In October I sold one book.


Over the past several months I sent out complimentary copies of both books to children and parents of children born with craniofacial differences. I sent out a total of 133 books. I sent books as far as the Philippines, Norway, Australia, Canada, Ireland and the UK.  Of which, I got 12 thank you messages.

When I sent inquiries to the people I sent the books to, in order to see if they received the complimentary copies, I either never heard back or some simply just said, “yes”.


It would be very easy for me to quit.


To stop promoting my books. To just call it a day. To no longer pay someone to market my books through social media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

But, I can’t. I’m going to persevere. I don’t have the luxury of working with a big name publishing company. I did this all independently and spent my own money to get these books out to people. Why? Because I saw a need. A need to spread the message that we are all different and we are all beautiful. You have to feel good about yourself.

I watch the morning shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show. Almost all of the people that are on the news show have written and promoted their books on air. They are backed by a publishing company and marketing group to get their books out there.

But what about the little guy? The person who spends their own money to hire an illustrator, an editor, and a company to format and print the books. As well as paying someone to market the books via social media.

If I sell a book on Amazon, I make 57 cents. 57 cents. I had to price the books at $14.99 just to be able to make 57 cents per copy. I struggled having to price the books at such a high cost knowing that most people who need these books just can’t afford it.

So, I will take my royalty check of $95.02 and use it to mail out more complimentary books to craniofacial clinics, support groups and libraries.

The 12 thank you messages I received made it all worthwhile.
I don’t have the backing of network TV or a huge publishing company to bring my books to the instant attention of the public.

Instead, I will continue to put one foot in front of the other. I will continue to persevere. And, I will continue to support the craniofacial differences community.


simon says stand up for the little guy


The books carry a universal message for everyone. Be accepting. Extend your hand to others. Let’s lift people up, and extend our hand to others.


simon says stand up for the little guySmile with Simon and be kind!